About Amber

Amber Altomare

I love to talk! I talk about my kids, my life, even sales that I get on purchases. Most of the time I am probably talking to people about things and they've already stopped caring. With a blog, people are choosing to read what I have to say because it may pertain to them!

I am a mother of two. I had my daughter when I was 20 and my son when I was 22. I loved being able to say that I had two kids 22 months apart at 22! I finished my associate's degree when I was pregnant with my second but I have no idea what you're able to do with an associates. Currently I am just a part-time working mama making a store online.

I love experiencing the growth of my children. They are amazing little people in everything they do. Life is definitely more crazy with two but I wouldn't trade them for anything - even when the baby cracks up at me while consoling my screaming two year old.

I will probably talk about balancing life with 2 kids, having a new baby, work, school, doing it all while breastfeeding, and my upcoming business venture!

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