Saving On Purchases (The Busy Mom Way)

Amber Altomare

I am a college student, a mother, and I work part-time. I am ALWAYS looking for ways to cut costs. I hate paying full price for anything and luckily with the modern technology in our society, there are discounts and deals everywhere we go.

If you are a shopper online, you should not purchase anything without checking to see if the store participates with Ebates, Upromise, or Mr Rebates. You should also look to see if there is an available gift card on Raise, especially for purchases of higher value.

If you are grocery shopping, especially for diapers or pharmacy products, take a look at Ibotta first to see if anything on your shopping list is there, then take a look at Raise to see if it has gift cards for your store personally, I’ve gotten good ones for Target and Weis!

My favorite tool for saving is Ibotta. Shoppers can go through and make lists ahead of time to unlock awesome rebates. My lifetime earnings are $73.90, which is not bad considering I’ve only been using it for  4 months. The rebated money can then be deposited into your PayPal account, which is super easy to make if you don’t have one. PayPal can then deposit the money into your bank account. It’s my personal favorite because you can scroll through and pick out your rebates while doing other things such as; scrolling your Facebook feed or breastfeeding your baby. It’s quick and easy, especially if it is one of the few stores you can link your reward card to.

My second favorite place to go for savings is Raise. Raise is a gift card buying app. I have bought gift cards while eating in a restaurant and it automatically took $2.00 off my bill. I LOVE to use Raise when I need to make a big purchase. For example, I saved $17.00 on a watch I bought as a birthday present for my boyfriend with Raise. Since Raise is an app for gift cards, you can use it in conjunction with sites like Ebates because they are completely separate. You can also use your Ebates account to buy gift cards on Raise.

Raise will also buy the gift cards you’re never going to use, which puts extra money in your pocket! The savings are endless!

Raise also has promotional deals. There is one for your first purchase and that will give you an extra percentage off your purchase of a gift card from them! Some of the stores listed for deals are Home Depot, Target, The Children’s Place, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. These deals do change, so check back frequently so as to not miss out.


My personal arsenal of saving tools:

Ibotta – grocery (and some online purchases) app

  • My Favorite!

Ebates – rebates website on online purchases

Upromise – a rebate and coupon site for college students or parents with children who will eventually be college students, to earn rebates on online purchases and send coupons to store reward cards for grocery purchases.

Cartwheel – Target’s savings app.

Checkout 51 – Groceries, usually has Pampers on the list

Raise – Buy gift cards that other people have sold for lower than card value.  

Mr Rebates - Just like Ebates, I usually look at both to see which one gives a higher discount.


If you need help with any of these methods, feel free to contact me and I’ll walk you through! Using these sites will become second nature once you get the hang of them.


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