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Beautiful DIY Mother's Day Flower Pots

Beautiful DIY Mother's Day Flower Pots

We love our mothers. What better way to show them than giving them a gift you made or even better, a gift their granddaughter made! These could also just be a nice spring project for you and your little one. This project can be rather messy so go ahead and grab that old T-shirt you're never going to wear and stick it on your little one. The acrylic paint we used for the terracotta pots does NOT come off, which makes it great for an outdoor piece. I'm sure you could use crayola paint if it is going to be kept...

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I love to talk! I talk about my kids, my life, even sales that I get on purchases. Most of the time I am probably talking to people about things and they've already stopped caring. With a blog, people are choosing to read what I have to say because it may pertain to them! I am a mother of two. I had my daughter when I was 20 and my son when I was 22. I loved being able to say that I had two kids 22 months apart at 22! I finished my associate's degree when I was pregnant...